My husband and I both grew up in Central Alberta, Wetaskiwin and Alder Flats.

We now live outside of Edson Alberta on a small acreage. We have 4 sons, only 2 at home (12 & 16) and two adult boys that live in Edson. The kids share us with our 2 dogs Winston (4 year old English Bulldog) and Ben (6 year old Great Pyrenees x Border Collie). 

Fortunately I am able to work from home, allowing me to be a full time caregiver for our 4 legged family members. 

Our adventure and love of the Canadian Sphynx started a few years back when we were house hunting. Sure we might have annoyed our very patient Realtor Yvonne (we didn’t) by requesting to see the same house 4 times. The first time the sphynx jumped up on the bed and startled us, followed us around for the tour, letting us know she was there. By the fourth visit I was the only still checking out the home, I came down the stairs to find the kitty curled up in my husband’s jacket and the kids all reaching in for some rubs.

Sometime passes, we purchase our original acreage back, that we had sold a couple years prior. A friend of mine was on a waiting list for her furless baby from southern Alberta. He finally arrived ‘Jupiter’. My love grew, I had to research and find out if it would be a fit for our family. With much research, calls and texts we had decided we were in and going to purchase our own hairless baby. However we did find one that I um’d and haw’d about, but didn’t react soon enough. She was adopted and named ‘Destiny’, fitting. Because destiny was about to start for us. After many many calls and long conversations the decision was made. We bought Soltera in 2019 baby of Jafar & Calliope, with an Odd Eye grandma and beautiful Grandpa I was super excited with her bloodlines.

We are a HCM Scanning Cattery, we will stay committed to the pure Canadian Sphynx. We will not cross breed. We are committed to stay only with bloodlines that have generations of healthy, well tempered cats. We are a Closed cattery as to assure we offer healthy kittens.